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Feng shui is essentially a study of the concept  about assessing the flow of Qi ( Energy) in a property and how this affects the residents. It is about harnessing the Qi from the external environment into the home or property to benefit the residents in terms of their endeavors in life.


Feng Shui is a body of ancient Chinese knowledge that aims at creating a harmony between environment, buildings and people. While Feng Shui has been practiced in China for more than three thousand years, many studies performed before on Feng Shui research have merely focused on the investigation of the ancient theories without consideration of its applications to the modern built environment. In the western contemporary architecture, the interactions with the natural and man-made environment are termed sustainability or sustainable developments.


This concept of sustainability in the western world only dates back three decades ago in dealing with the harmonious relationship between human and nature. With a desire to improve the relationship between human and the environment, there is an increasing interest for architects and other building professionals to apply the concepts of Feng Shui into building design and the built environment. It is suggested that interpreting Feng Shui knowledge would embrace the western concept of sustainability. 


In our practice, we incorporate 4 important phases :

- Feng Shui 

- Design psychology 

- Home styling 

- Home staging 

we also collaborate with experienced Interior Designers and Architects for all your projects 


  • Personal Well Being

  • Architects

  • Interior Designers

  • real estate developers

  • Home Owners

  • Home Buyers

  • Business owners

  • Annual Feng Shui

  • Home Staging

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