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Jessica Khudeida  is an aspriring Feng Shui , Home styling & staging consultant, / certified Feng Shui trainer, Life coach: Business ( MBA in Business & Entrepreneurship)  , Wellness coach :  positive psychology, well-being councelling, Behavioural expert in the fields of specializations : NLP, Lie detection, Face reading, Body Language, Profiling & Forensic science. She also has a minor in  social & clinical psychology .

 '' Qi Mapping '' is a registered trademark .'' Qi'' stands for energy, the Chinese symbol means : Longevity .  We are specialized in consulting & coaching services in different fields of  Life coaching , Personal Growth, Business services for entrepreneurs as well as trainings offerings for Corporate , Individuals & Government.   

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 In 2007-present  Jessica Khudeida was the first to develop TV series/segments on Feng Shui and contributed in different magazines , she has more than 100 published articles .

 In 2011 , she has become a certified Feng Shui instructor , she represents the Mastery academy (based  in Malaysia) in Middle East  .

 in 2013 - She got featured in the '' WOMEN LEADERS 2013 '' Lebanese directory featuring 122 chosen profiles a project by women in front organisation and smart center. This directory shows women leaders who have expertise in different fields & are ready to play leading roles seeking the creation of a modern & reformed Lebanese society as well as be part of the campaign of women towards parliament.   


                - She successfully published her first research paper on Face reading '' The Art of Mian Xiang  & Al Ferasah for Human Ressources in defensive times '' in  the American Journal : '' Journal of Defense Management '' 


Currently Jessica lectures topics on Life coaching, Personal Growth as well as organize Entrepreneurship  and soft/ life  skills s, Wellness/ positive workshops .


she is  a member of the Lebanese League for Women in Business ( LLWB) .

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