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Bazi profiling/the new intelligence & personality measurement 

Every human being has a unique BaZi Profile. This Profile represents our personal frame of reference that consists of our attitudes, assumptions and expectations concerning ourselves, other people and life.   An individual can make use of this information to accelerate his performance in work, strengthen his or her relationships with others, improve weaknesses, maximize talents and potentials, and make informed decisions based on forecasts of his or her upcoming cycle of luck

 From ancient times people were puzzled by the meaning of life, our purpose and destiny. Therefore Chinese ancestors invested much time in studying, researching and understanding the meaning of life by observing the chronology of man's destiny. During centuries ancient Chinese gained knowledge about destiny and created destiny studies . 

The study of destiny (Ming Xue 命学) has the purpose to understand all aspects of human life in order to improve one’s fortune. From the very birth, we are affected and influenced by the universe and its energies. Observing for thousands of years the mutual relationship between nature and people, old Chinese found those very patterns of energies related to someone’s life destiny and coded by the time of birth, thus learning how to follow fine lines of future comings using the perfected method of BaZi profiling.

          Understanding our BaZi (our Eight Characters) helps us deal with uncertainties and allows us to understand our strengths and weaknesses in life. Factors such as luck are often indomitable and not within our grasp. BaZi analysis is designed to help us understand the cycles in our lives.

Bazi provides you good tools to achieve the most of your strenghs. Just like DNA , our destiny has been laid to us the moment we were born. What if your destiny map can be properly laid out on a piece of paper and you ll be able to decode it ?




There are  2 types of Bazi reports : Personal growth & Career   

Are you willing to have an open mind & heart in order to make the change

the Bazi report results measure just like aptitude and acheivements tests  :

 measure what someone might be able to do in the future and what someone can do now 



  • HR professionals

  • Business owners/CEO

  • Educators/ Counselors

  • Discover yourself

  • Personal growth