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Feng shui is about assessing the flow of Qi ( Energy) in a property and how this affects the residents. It is about harnessing the Qi from the external environment into the home or property to benefit the residents in terms of their endeavors in life.

People are led to believe that it’s the’’ items’’ or the ‘’ décor’’ they have around their house that create or manifest Qi. There is no magical trick . You cannot cultivate good Yin Qi ( or Yang Qi ) to bring love and romance by having a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest part of your house . You cannot also enhance ‘’wealth’’ by placing a dragon or a frog figurine in your house !

Our Feng Shui trainings Level1/  Beginner level and Level 2 / Practitioner level  are certified . 


Participants  will be exposed to the  investigation, interpretation, and practical application of fundamental theories and principles that take into account modern living needs.It is a thorough, comprehensive program that covers important theories from various professinal classical Feng Shui systems including Ba Zhai, San Yuan, San He, and Xuan Kong.

Learn how to harness Qi and harmonize the forces of life and the environment through the study and practice of authentic Feng Shui in nowadays.

Who could benefit ?

- any seeker of the true use of Feng Shui

- anyone wishing to improve his /her life

- architects, real estate agents or interior designers to complement their practices

- university students of arts

Some of our  Students : CLICK HERE

 Trainings fees includes : investment fees + certificate & workbook  + coffee break . 

For overseas ( trainings held outside Lebanon ), prices might differ depending on the location facilities reservation . 


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