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Perhaps understanding what a Feng Shui consultant actually does would help those of you in this dilemma. A Feng Shui consultant essentially assesses and studies the Feng Shui of a particular area, land or structure and then advises on improvements that can be made to help achieve the specific goals of the developer, building/house owner or occupant of a particularly dwelling.

A consultant’s job is, and should be, goal-oriented. In a typical consultation, working with a goal and specific objectives lead to a more focused and productive assessment. The consultations can be on a macro, developmental-scale basis or an overall assessment for a particular piece of land, house or building and down to annual updates of existing files .

The consultant, after getting a booking from a client, will request for a floor plan of the dwelling, the birth data of the client (and other occupants). As you may know, a general assessment must start from the external.

N-B : The fees included in the price list does not include follow-up , on site audit  visits and location/transportation fees  

As such, the consultant should then equip himself or herself with information that aids the assessment of the environmental formsthat affect any piece of property.

These tools include possibly a Google Earth map, other contour map of the area in question plus any layout that would be of help, such as the map of the housing area in question with major entrances/roads into the housing area or estate.


 The consultant will need to take a drive around the area in question and note down the major, relevant forms such as the surrounding mountain and water formsand also the main Qi mouths of the area. Besides these, the consultant will also note other major environmental influences such as major buildings, ponds and manmade forms including possible Sha Qi forms (electric pylons etc). This physical observation and assessment is necessary as the environmental changes may have occurred after the original maps and plans were drawn up.

Next, the consultant arrives at the area where the property in question is located and again takes note of the more immediate forms such as the main entrance into the housing area and others. Once at the property, he or she will observe the immediate surroundings and then the property in question.

The consultant needs to assess the façade of the house, the overall shape and concepts such as missing sectors and the like. Here is where the consultant has to ask him/herself questions such as “Is there a sufficient Bright Hall?,” “Is there a poison arrow aimed at the Main Door?,” and other similar queries.

 Main entrance

  With a  professional compass or Luo Pan, the consultant then takes key readings of the house facing, main door position/facing plus the location of other features surrounding the property such as a swimming pool.

a luo pan

After that the consultant assesses the internal aspects such as location of the main door, bedroom/bed, kitchen/stove, home office/desk and any other aspects as necessary.To enable the internal Qi flow assessment, the consultant needs to start with noting the internal forms such Qi pathway and structural considerations. To assess the internal Qi distribution, the consultant will use different formulas .

Even as the assessment is being done, the consultant will be noting down what possible changes (there usually are) that should be done and well as the restrictions that are present. Once the onsite consultation is concluded, the consultant will do further calculations and then prepare the report with full recommendations for the client. This will be followed-up with a meeting to discuss the full findings and recommendations.

Today, feng shui is practiced not only by the Chinese, but also by Westerners. However, with the passage of time and feng shui's popularization in the West, much of the knowledge behind it has been lost in translation, not paid proper attention to, frowned upon, or scorned. Others have noted how, when feng shui is not applied properly, or rather, without common sense, it can even harm the environment, such as was the case of people planting "lucky bamboo" in ecosystems that could not handle them. Still others are simply skeptical.

 In 2005, even Disney acknowledged feng shui as an important part of Chinese culture by shifting the main gate to Hong Kong Disneyland by twelve degrees in their building plans, among many other actions suggested by the master planner of architecture and design at Walt Disney Imagineering, Wing Chao, in an effort to incorporate local culture into the theme park.

The practice of Feng Shui is diverse and multi-faceted. There are many different schools and perspectives, many students (including engineers and interior designers) take courses on feng shui every year and go on to become feng shui (or geomancy) consultants.  

Environmental scientists and landscape architects  have researched traditional feng shui and its methodologies.Architects study feng shui as an ancient and uniquely Asian architectural tradition.Geographers have analyzed the techniques and methods to help locate historical sites in Victoria, Canada and archaeological sites in the American Southwest, concluding that ancient Native Americans considered astronomy and landscape features.

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