Dec 18

Wenyang Yao

 When I first talk to Jessica, I was shocked by here great knowledge about Chinese Metaphysics. Fengshui, Bazi and Face reading are her best area. After I talked to her, I realized she is not only knowing things about Chinese Metaphysics, but also, most important part is she thinks using Chinese Metaphysics, she practice them, she has solid experience on it. However, the most amazing part is her awesome personality. She always has a positive attitude and she knows how to use this attitude to affect people around her. Her smile is like sunshine in May, makes people around her feel great. Her knowledge, experience and her personality together, makes her amazing. What I am trying to say here is, she is not only an expert on Chinese Metaphysics, she is also your friend. That is why she is so amazing!

Wenyang Yao
Software Engineer at SigmaTech, Inc., USA