Dec 18

Houda Hassaniyeh

 Dear Jessica,

 This is just to let you know how much I have truly enjoyed the Feng Shui course with you!

Before I signed up for the course, I had read several books on Feng Shui. Every one of them was from a different author and many of them of very famous Feng Shui authors. All were about displaying Chinese figurines around the house, which were shockingly expensive, but nevertheless, I ended up buying some of which I was able to afford.

Taking the Feng Shui course with you was certainly an eye opener! What I had learned from you, had nothing to do with the superstitious ideas of the placement of figurines. Instead, it was all about the flow of the energy and in a way, very scientific!

Also, your patience as an instructor and the loads of information that you so generously provide has been phenomenal!

This is just to thank you for all your hard work in order to make Feng Shui such an easy and applicable knowledge!

 Best regards,

 Houda Hassaniyeh