Dec 18

Siham Kfoury

 First, I am pleased to nominate Jessica as a Feng Shui & Chinese metaphysics consultant to our office. 

She innate a valuable artistic flair & added a scientific principles to help us finding a new appreciation for ourselves & the surroundings. 
She was efficient, extremely competent, unfailingly ponctual.And to be honest, we had never worked with a person who gives so much attention to every details she works on. 
Her qualities & skills do not end with official work.Also, her willingness to handle & take up tough projects & focusing on the completion has amazed us. 
She has excellent leadership qualities, behavioral competencies that improve interpersonal skills that build relationships of trust, empathy & productive interactions.In addition to her positive attitude that she uses to affect people around her & to handles with ease any problem. 
Really, she is amazing & we love her very much

Siham Kfoury
Senior Accountant at Ferzli Audit & Associates