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Sep 27

Women Leaders 2013

Jessica at ''Women leaders 2013'' Hotel Monroe 27 September 2013

 Jessica Khudeida got featured in  the " women leaders 2013"  Directory in Lebanon- 122 profiles interviewed .


To all women : yes U can ! 

A project by women in front & smart center 
ACTIVITIES/ Objectives of the directory : 
Identify expert women who are ready to work in public and political life with the following characteristics:
•Strong but peaceful personality, charismatic
•Reliable, alert, trustworthy
•Expert in her field or activist or willing to fight for Lebanese women’s causes.
•Basically knowledgeable in women’s law in Lebanon (or willing to know about it)
•Willing to enroll in workshops for political work training
•Affiliated with any party and ready to express it
•Or Independent
•Willing to endorse the Lebanese Women Manifesto
-NOT fanatic, NOT extremist