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  Non-verbal communication can predict anybody's success or failure. Research has proven that decoding somebody's Body Language can predict the outcome of presidential elections or your inborn potential to have an advantage in negotiations. Knowing how to read "micro expressions" is probably the most effective way to connect more with people. 

Corporate training ;

 Timing: Between 1 hour – 2 days

Style: Interactive, learning and fun
Guarantee: The participants will be able to apply advanced Body Language and Micro Expressions science in their daily work

Theory: Advanced training how to see 7 Micro Expressions
Practice: How to react verbally on non-verbal signs
Science: Up to 100 interpretations of body language position

Available Trainings :

-- ''Face reading & Body language for Business'',  tailor- made for your organisation needs

for more info : info@jessicakhudeida.com or jessica.khudeida@gmail.com  

- Lie detection & Face reading 

- Profiling 




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