Face reading

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  • Face reading in sales

What if.. before your salesmen made a sales meeting they could have a key of their prospect’s style, personality , likes and dislikes ?

How valuable would it be ?


Face for business, team  building

What if .. your employees could have this information , just by looking at the face of their prospect? How would it change their approach and presentation ?

  •   Face reading for Human resources & talent management

Hiring your best resources and managing your staff

Face reading is not as simple as body language, it needs a little more effort but when you learn how to use it it will give you double the power that body language gives you.

     Every psychologist knows that personality is formed as a result of past experiencesand that genes have minimal effect on its development

The one thing people don't know about face reading is that it can't tell you anything about the behavior. For example I can never know that you are a shy person through face reading because that's something that you acquired as a result of your past experiences but i can certainly tell you that you are a logical thinker who prefers practical facts over intuition through face reading.

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