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Jun 13

Women wellness

personal growth online course w study at your own pace/time



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 As women we are giving of ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally whether to our family, career. We do not take enough time to replenish, rejuvenate and revive ourselves, the work we put out daily begins to take a toll. Indirect stress may manifest including diseases, chronic/emotional illness, mental health challenges, mood disorders, increased fatigue, often noticeable to others not only affecting us as care givers but also family members for the simple reason that women are emotional individuals . 

This is an informative and interactive workshop that focuses on personal development, transformation covering a variety of topics such as personal motivation, dealing with stress, self- awareness, self-care,  what mentally strong people do  ,essential oils for beauty & relaxation ( making your own blend ) learning healthy happiness habits , healthy food /superfoods for hormone balance.

you will also learn about the 8 dimensions of wellness and how we can apply it in our life and across generations.

 Bonus : Discover your Dosha type ( the best ayurveda nutrition plan for you  ). By being mindful of your own mind body type and of others, you can help achieve a balanced and harmonious world. The Ayurvedic medical system aims to create inner and outer balance, as this is the prerequisite for health, fitness, and happiness. 

  1. information will be sent by mail ( participant email) and audios and self-quizzes  will be sent in  the group attendances of this workshop   ( whatsapp or telegram  )  

  1. after completing this online workshop, an online interactive Q& A session will follow .  

  2. send us your contact info after registration to : or