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The BAZI   report describes key features of your personal style that influence your approach to life, tasks, ways of interacting with people, and performance at work. It is  designed as a tool for professional & personal  growth. It contains interpretive notes that can be useful for increasing your success at work and in life . The focus of this report is on your personal characteristics and behaviors.

This report will help you better understand your preferences, attitudes, and behaviors in key dimensions of management and leadership. It will help you capitalize on your strengths, target areas for further development, set goals, and plan action steps.

 Can you decide your Destiny?

The answer is Yes. Destiny is a not only a matter of chances. It is a matter of choices, which lead to change. It is not 100% carved in stone

Who You Are


We can also identify who are your helpful people, mentors, and perhaps those who are not compatible or who are harmful to you. We can identify who and what is creating stress in your life and give you suggestions on how to make positive changes or mitigate potential problems in your life.

You can then take action to make decisions and create changes in your life!


In addition to introductory section, your report contains the following sections

Personal Bazi report 

  • Your personality : your true self
  • Your weaknesses  and strength according to your type
  • Your luck pillars : personal growth or setbacks 

Bazi career report 

  • Discover your working style and professional preferences
  • Understand how different types of organizations impact the work experience 
  • Be knowledgeable about the different workplace functions and the types of skills required in different roles
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to focus on what the skills you’ll need for your next job
  • Develop your own career roadmap to build the knowledge and skills needed to succeed 

find out the roles your should be playing in your life ( the pionneer ? the philosopher ? the leader? ... these are your hidden skills )

Unlock the secret of your true nature with this Bazi career Report. Learn about your unique inborn traits, its strengths and weaknesses, to maximize your potential for success in life. It's a great guide to start on the path of Least Resistance to your success!

Bazi's consultations

Personal  Analysis/ types of consultancies :   

  • Bazi wellness coaching

  • Bazi Life Path coaching 


 Strategic Analysis for Corporate / Organizations

• Corporate BaZi Consultations

• BaZi Analysis for Human Resource Management

 Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

BaZi Analysis for Entrepreneurs

New : Bazi for Kids and Youth 



with Bazi you 'll be able to know your hidden Wealth factor

for instance for a Yang wood type, their secret to wealth is DIVERSIFICATION .

For a Yin fire type like the famous inspirational Anthony Robbins it's : SALES . Yin fire types are perfect motivators & born leaders .  

- Corporate Bazi :

  • Recruitment
  •  Team building 
  • Conflict resoltuion 
  • Talent management 


 SINCE organisations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action – including design – to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system.

 Through BaZi Profiling, managers with different traits can excel in the management field whereby hiring and working with people becomes something effective but only with the right approach.

A good manager  In BaZi Profiling, we have five structures which are the Wealth, Output, Influence, Resource and Companion. Normally, for a manager, it is better to have the Wealth or the Influence structure.

 The reason for having the two structures is that these people are often unbiased and want to get things done.

No personal emotions are involved in their field of work, but they work based on merits and not on relationships.

 Meanwhile, the Companion structure prioritizes relationships while people with the Resource structure take a long time analyzing almost everything they do and Output structure hires people based on their physical looks.

 Hence, Wealth works highly based on results while the Influence structure manager looks at people based on their capabilities.

 Handling ‘difficult’ members in your team

Every department, branch or company has at least one pain-in-the-neck employee which the majority finds hard to work with.

Fortunately, there will always be one type of people to counter another.

 For every one of the profiles there is always 1 type of person that could influence, change or control them. Pairing them together in the team will produce positive results reason being that everything has a Yin and Yang.

Request a Consultation

BaZi Analysis Consultation Process

1. Once we receive your booking or enquiry, we will then contact you to arrange a date and time for your BaZi Consultation.

2. Clients are advised to prepare a list of questions, to ensure a more focused and thorough BaZi Consultation. There is no limit to the number of questions that you can prepare but we do ask that it be focused on your own BaZi chart (example : Questions on your character, career choices .. )

3. At the scheduled date and time, you will call in to our office and speak to our BaZi Consultant.

4. If you have pre-selected the option to have your BaZi Consultation recorded and sent to you, this will be done within 2 weeks .

Achieve Balance In Your Life... Why do you seek a BaZi Consultation?

Perhaps you are not quite financially stable. Or maybe you have just graduated from University with several degrees, and are now trying to pursue a promising career or entering a new phase of your life : university and you’re not being able to decide what is your best career to choose according to your talents and capacity . It could be that you are hoping to climb the corporate ladder or that you are already there seeking for other alternatives in life. Perhaps you are currently in one of those crossroads in your life, or on the process of making a major decision that you believe could affect the rest of your life. Or perhaps you are a "super mom," feeling a bit ‘’lost" in trying to take care of your husband, children, home and career or choosing what would really like to do in your free time . You could be in love or uncertain about love. You could be in a relationship and deciding whether or not to keep it. Or perhaps you are volunteer, leader or a school teacher trying to make a positive influence in your community. Maybe you are looking for a new career or perhaps you are facing some setbacks in your current workplace. Perhaps, your health is not as good as you would like it to be, or maybe you find that that there exists something unexplainable that is somehow impeding you from achieving your goals.

Wherever we are, whoever we are, there are always some decisions to be made. Often, we would like to see our options and weigh their pros and cons. A large part of our lives remain determined by Destiny. For example, the place we are born, the community we live in, our family members or our family background - all of which are beyond our control and were given to us the moment we are born. We can call this fate. However, in some situations, there's almost always something you can do or do to make matters better... or worse. Everyone has a destiny. Destiny is not fixed, or unchangeable. We can still improve the condition and quality of our destiny provided we have the right mental attitude, actions ,methods at the right times


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