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Apr 28

FENG SHUI LEVEL 1 accredited from Malaysia

Accredited courses from Malaysia back in Beirut ! ongoing dates. we deliver your workbook

 Accredited courses from Malaysia back in Beirut ! 

Feng Shui level 1 accredited program from Mastery academy

tutor/ official instructor : Jessica Khudeida 

**for more info on the accredited program inbox us or email us or 

All participants will receive an official certificate + material from malaysia + special discount coupon on their first feng shui consultancy

Feng Shui is a form of classical Chinese studies that has existed for centuries. Both a science and an art, Feng Shui taps into the energies of Qi to appraise a person's life through observation and analysis of the surrounding environment.

You will be exposed to the rigorous investigation, interpretation, and practical application of fundamental theories and principles that take into account modern living needs.

Learn how to harness Qi and harmonize the forces of life and the environment through the study and practice of authentic Feng Shui.